Cream Whippers

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Cream Whippers

Cream Whippers are useful for making so much more than whipped cream and we use ours all the time for making fresh soda, speeding up marinating, infusing fruit, or topping a dish with foam or flavor or textural contrast.

Cream Whippers were designed for aerating creams high in fat on the basis that nitrous oxide dissolves much better in fat than in water, so high-fat liquids generally foam better in a siphon than low-fat ones do. You can, however, foam any liquid thick enough to hold bubbles. Add starch, gelatin, eggs, or agar to thin liquids to give them enough body for foaming.

Our range of cream whippers comes in two different sizes; 0.5 ltr and 1 ltr, with the 0.5 ltr size offered as both single and double-walled.


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