Culinary Blow Torch with Gas Canister 220g

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Our Culinary Blow Torch with Gas Canister 220g offers a quick option for creating a caramelised crust on meat that has been cooked in a sous vide machine, or searing the outside of fresh fish or seafood. By simply running it over the outer layer of meat you can achieve the maillard reaction, creating a browned exterior.

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The rolls Royce of food torches, the our Culinary Blow Torch puts out consistent reliable flames that create amazing crusts in no time. This torch uses butane canisters which are very inexpensive and it uses them efficiently. You simply twist the torch onto the canister and are good to go; no messy filling of compartments. The flame never goes out no matter how quickly you move the torch around or at what angle you are holding it. The lighting motion is very simple with an twist to open the fuel line and a pull of the trigger to ignite. You will never had to attempt ignition more than one time and you will never have the flame go out.

Why did we choose a Butane Blowtorch? The type of gas used is not nearly as important as the technique used to perform the sear. The most important thing is to be sure that the flame produced by the torch is a fully oxidizing flame. In this type of flame the gas is being completely combusted and can be identified by the dark blue, relatively short, flame that hisses and roars.

How to use: The best technique to practice when using a blowtorch is to use a sweeping motion, where the flame goes slowly back and forth across the surface to evenly ‘scorch’ the food. Don’t concentrate too long on one area, or the food may burn.

  • Culinary Blow Torch
  • Includes a Butane Can as standard
  • Weight of .5kg
  • Material: High temperature plastic and stainless steel
  • Offering up to 2 hours of life per canister you are guaranteed to complete your kitchen tasks.
  • Dimensions:-250(h) x 190(w) x 65(d)mm
  • 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty
Product Specification
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Product Name Culinary Blow Torch with Gas Canister 220g
Model SVT-02001
GTIN 8711369199039
Delivery 24 Hours Delivery
Warranty 1 Years Parts & Labour
Brand Hendi
Application Commercial

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