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In the most demanding and innovative restaurants in the world, there are chefs and staff working around the clock striving for perfection and influence. Such kitchens are utilizing incredible tools, precisely engineered to craft their masterpieces. Many of these tools have been created by Sage® | PolyScience®.

PolyScience® was founded in 1963, by Seaton Preston as an equipment manufacturer who was dedicated to building the finest analytical laboratory tools. The business quickly became focused on precise temperature control products. The Model 73 “PolyTemp” was the company’s first venture into immersion circulators. Over the years, the units have continued to evolve. Each immersion circulator has been individually hand-crafted and tested to PolyScience’s exacting standards.

In 1982 Philip Preston, Seaton’s son, took over the business brought a new, different inspiration to the company. In 2005, Matthias Merges, Chef de Cuisine of the eponymous Charlie Trotter’s, called looking for an immersion circulator for the restaurant. This resulted in a collaboration between Philip and Matthias that changed the way we look at temperature in kitchens forever.


The Sage® I Polyscience® Range


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Sous Vide Cooking & Beyond

The sous vide technique provided an unprecedented level of repeatability and consistency, opening up the lines of communication between PolyScience® and the world’s greatest chefs including Thomas Keller. PolyScience® and chef Keller, of the French Laundry, worked together in developing the PolyScience® Chef Series immersion circulator. This immersion circulator marked a pivotal moment in culinary history as it was the first circulator designed specifically for sous vide cooking. The Chef Series was designed to withstand the rigors of the demanding commercial environment. Even more remarkable, the same circulator was made available to the home cook.

In 2014, a strategic alliance with Breville® would allow the distribution rights for the current and future PolyScience® Culinary products in both the consumer and commercial markets. Since this alliance, Breville® | PolyScience® has redesigned the infamous Smoking Gun Pro handheld food smoker and re-released the award winning Anti-Griddle unidirectional flash freeze plate. Innovation continued in 2017 with the release of the Control ºFreak, precise temperature cooktop.


What the Professionals say

The Control °Freak™

The Sage Commercial Control Freak is exceptionally ease to use, portable and provides an incredible level of accuracy.

Michael Wignall I The Angel Inn at Hetton


The possibilities are endless. We re-invented smores with a frozen marshmallow, liquid center chocolate, covered with Graham Crackers. This machine makes us rethink what we can actually do.

Matthias Merges I Yusho Restaurant

The Smoking Gun™ Pro

The Smoking Gun packs the power of a smokehouse and fits in your hand. I use it to smoke everything from ice cream to Bloody Mary’s.

Steven Raichlen I Project Smoke on PBS


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