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iVide® Plus Jnr. Sous Vide Cooker IV300 Bundle (WIFI)

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Our iiVide® Plus Jnr. Sous Vide Cooker IV300 Bundle gives you all you need to cook sous vide. It is perfect to get any home chef or small Gastro pub started with sous vide. It includes our SousVideTools® iVide Plus JNR Thermal Circulator WiFi, SousVideTools® IV300 Chamber Vacuum Sealer, a 11.6L Polycarbonate Container with Custom Cut lid & a box of 200 x 200 x 300mm Boilable Chamber Vacuum Pouches.

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The iVide Plus Jnr. is our second water proof device for the commercial kitchen, certified to IPX7. Under the IPX7 designation, the iVide Plus Jnr. Sous Vide cooker will be able to withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. This means should an accident happen, and the device is splashed or submerged it will not cause damage, but prolonged exposure - such as placing in a dishwasher - would be harmful.

The iVide Plus Jnr. Sous Vide Cooker and its App were built and designed from scratch to work together, and we’re just as dedicated to the quality of our products as we are to the food you make with them.

A 1.5KW heating element means faster heating times, so time spent waiting for the cooking vessel to reach temperature is minimal. This professional model has been designed so that you just clamp the unit to the side of any suitable stainless/polycarbonate container/kitchen vessel up to 50 litres capacity, and you have an instant temperature-controlled Sous Vide water bath, with a working temperature of 5°C to 99°C, and accuracy of 0.07°C. The stirred technology ensures no hot or cold spots. Its space saving design allows for quick storage.

The timer can be set between 1minute and 99hours. Once the cooking time has completed the unit will notify you by both an alarm and display indicator, whilst continuing to operate. Temperature control is very simple, with touch button control. This model also features a low water level protection, meaning should you or a colleague accidentally turn the circulator on empty or allow the water level to drop below the minimum required the circulator will shut off and notify you by both an alarm and display indicator (H20) ensuring it remains undamaged. The machine is completely constructed in stainless steel meaning it can withstand the pressures of the commercial kitchen.

The SousVideTools® IV300 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is capable of vacuum sealing and packaging just about anything, including liquid-rich food ingredients – something which other standard vacuum sealers simply can’t do.

Most vacuum sealers operate using suction, sucking the air from a vacuum bag which is then sealed. The problem with this method is that liquids can also be sucked from the bag, resulting in a messy film of oil or liquid along the sealed edge which can even leave an imperfect or incomplete seal.

The SousVideTools® IV300 Chamber Vacuum Sealer works differently. Not only does it achieve a higher level of vacuum than standard machines, but once the vacuum bag is inside the chamber with the lid closed, air is removed from the entire chamber and not just the bag. This means the air pressure stays the same both inside and outside the bag, and liquids are not drawn out. Once the bag is sealed, normal air pressure is returned to the chamber leaving a perfectly sealed vacuum inside the bag.

As an added bonus these machine also has a function for marinating foods. It will pull vacuum for 99 seconds without going into the sealing function. This is ideal for pickling cucumber in some vinaigrette in a bowl. As the machine goes through the vacuum process it will pull the vinaigrette into the cucumber to create the pickled taste. Much better than leaving in a jar.

The vacuum packer has a smart low profile design, featuring a cleverly hinged lid which folds neatly back to minimise space requirements, and a clear and simple touch display for ease of operation.

The transparent tempered glass lid allows better product visibility during packing.

*Please note that this machine is not designed for heavy duty use. Our normal warranty offer will not apply if this product is used heavily in a commercial environment.



  • SousVideTools® IV300 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

  • SousVideTools® iVide Plus Jnr Thermal Circulator WiFi

  • 11.6Ltr Polycarbonate Container with Custom Cut lid

  • Box of 200 x 200 x 300mm Boilable Chamber Vacuum Pouches.

Product Specification
Name iVide® Plus Jnr. Sous Vide Cooker IV300 Bundle (WIFI)
Tariff Codes No
Model SVT-01051
GTIN 5060748950185
Delivery 24 Hours Delivery
Warranty 1 Years
Sous Vide Dimensions: No
Dimensions 285(h) x 159(w) x 121(d)mm
Temperature Range 5°C to 99°C
Temperature Accuracy 0.1°C.
Capacity 45 Litres
Timer with Audible Alarm 99hrs with Audible Alarm
WIFI Enabled Yes
Water/Dust Resistance IPX7
Power Consumption 1.5KW
Temperature Setting 5°C to 99°C
Vacuum Packing Machine Chamber Dimensions 235(h) x 360(w) x 430(d)mm
Sealing Bar Size 300mm
Vacuum Packing Machine Sealing Type & Thickness Double Welded Seal (2 x 2.5mm)
Vacuum Packing Machine Vacuum Pump Size & Type Dry Rocker Piston
Vacuum pressure (maximum): 2 mBar
Vacuum Cycle Time Maximum 99 Seconds
Programmable No
Liquid Sensor No
Vacuum by Sensor or Timer Timer
Maximum Recommmended Vacuum Cycles Per Session: 30 prior to being allowed to cool for 1 hour
Soft Air No
Container Size No
Free Pouches No
Country of Manufacture Hong Kong SAR China
Bundle Skus
  • SVT-LITE - SousVideTools® IV300 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
  • SVT-01005 - SousVideTools® iVide Plus Jnr Thermal Circulator WiFi
  • SVT-PS11GN - 11.6Ltr Polycarbonate Container with Custom Cut lid
  • CHAM200/300 - 200 x 300mm Boilable Chamber Vacuum Pouches (pack of 200)

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