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iVide® Plus Jnr. Sous Vide Cooker VS270 Bundle (WIFI)

Stock No. SVT-01049

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Step it up in the kitchen with this perfect bundle package for the home foodie. This bundle includes the NEW iVide Plus Jnr, featuring a 4inch touch screen & 45 litre capacity with 0.1°C accuracy, the SousVideTools® VS270P Vacuum Sealer and 20cm x 6m Vacuum Sealer Rolls (Pack of 2 rolls). Everything you need to start cooking sous vide in your kitchen.

Special Price €289.00 Excl. VAT €346.80 Incl. VAT

RRP: €404.39 | SAVE 14%

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SousVideTools® iVide Plus JNR Thermal Circulator WiFi

The iVide Plus Jnr. is our second water proof device for the commercial kitchen, certified to IPX7. Under the IPX7 designation, the iVide Plus Jnr. Sous Vide cooker will be able to withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. This means should an accident happen, and the device is splashed or submerged it will not cause damage, but prolonged exposure - such as placing in a dishwasher - would be harmful.

Not only is the iVide Plus Jnr. water proof it also comes complete with our iVide App (Available now on iOS and Android). The iVide App includes features such:

  • Precise temperature control from anywhere

  • A collection of over 600 recipes

  • Our Sous Vide Calculator: We’ve done all the testing and research for you, which means no more scouring the internet for information

  • Recipe Memory: Store your own times and temperatures

  • Cook history: For greater HACCP control store your last cook 10 times and temperatures

  • Multi device cooking: Control Several cookers from one app

  • Notifications to confirm when the water is at temperature, and the food is cooked. Cook time complete, don’t worry the app will keep the food at the optimum temperature for holding.

The iVide Plus Jnr. Sous Vide Cooker and its App were built and designed from scratch to work together, and we’re just as dedicated to the quality of our products as we are to the food you make with them.

A 1.5KW heating element means faster heating times, so time spent waiting for the cooking vessel to reach temperature is minimal. This professional model has been designed so that you just clamp the unit to the side of any suitable stainless/polycarbonate container/kitchen vessel up to 50 litres capacity, and you have an instant temperature-controlled Sous Vide water bath, with a working temperature of 5°C to 99°C, and accuracy of 0.07°C. The stirred technology ensures no hot or cold spots. Its space saving design allows for quick storage.

The timer can be set between 1minute and 99hours. Once the cooking time has completed the unit will notify you by both an alarm and display indicator, whilst continuing to operate. Temperature control is very simple, with touch button control. This model also features a low water level protection, meaning should you or a colleague accidentally turn the circulator on empty or allow the water level to drop below the minimum required the circulator will shut off and notify you by both an alarm and display indicator (H20) ensuring it remains undamaged. The machine is completely constructed in stainless steel meaning it can withstand the pressures of the commercial kitchen.

SousVideTools® VS270P Vacuum Sealer

The SousVideTools® VS180B Vacuum Sealer delivers fast, efficient sealing for ingredients ready for sous vide cooking. This model is especially easy to operate, as there's no need to line anything up - you just slip the food into the bag and feed the open end into the machine. Touch the button and the vacuum sealer automatically takes over, sucking out the air and sealing the bag perfectly every time. But the benefits of this vacuum sealer stretch far beyond just efficient sealing of food ready for sous vide cooking. Vacuum sealing of just about any type of food removes the oxygen from its environment, thus dramatically reducing the process of oxidation which causes the breakdown of the natural vitamins and nutrients within the food. And this means storage times increase dramatically. Storing food in vacuum sealed pouches keeps it fresh for up to five times longer than ordinary storage methods. Fatty fish like salmon or sea trout stay fresh for up to a whole year, ripe strawberries and other such fruits and berries stay deliciously fresh for almost a fortnight, and home cooked biscuits can stay oven-fresh for between three and six weeks. Just imagine how must waste you could avoid! Even day to day leftovers can be kept as fresh as the day they were cooked, so mealtimes don't become repetitive anymore; and vacuum sealed individual portions make for quick and hassle free eating during a busy working week. And the vacuum sealers uses don't just stop at food either. It's also a quick and simple method of compressing and storing clothes for travel, for securing small valuables when in storage, or waterproofing precious items during outdoor activities. Please note that this device is not designed to take in liquids. This will damage the pump and invalidate the warranty.

You’ve probably heard of sous vide – a cooking technique that allows anyone to produce restaurant quality results. To cook sous vide, you place food in a plastic bag and immerse it in a water bath. Water gently circulates around the food, bringing it to a precise temperature and providing consistently amazing results.

It is as simple at 1,2,3.

1. Attach “The iVide” to a pot with the adjustable clamp and use the iVide APP to set the time and temperature.

2. Prepare your food and place inside a vacuum sealer bag and remove the air using your vacuum sealer.

3. Remove the food from the vacuum pouch at the end of the cooking time and quickly sear to finish in a hot pan or with a blow torch and serve as you wish It really is that easy.

20cm x 6m Vacuum Sealer Rolls (Pack of 2 roll)

Our Vacuum Sealer Bags and Rolls are perfect for achieving a highly efficient vacuum seal when sous vide cooking. They are manufactured to withstand even the most prolonged (or multi-day) cooking sessions. They can also be used for storing any kind of food in the fridge or freezer. Our Vacuum Sealer Bags are also 100% food-safe and free from harmful BPA plastics. The rolls enable you to make custom sized pouches for sealing all types of food and liquid. Just cut off a length of roll to fit the item you wish to cook or store, seal one end to make a pouch, and then slip the food inside ready for vacuum sealing.


    SousVideTools® iVide Plus JNR Thermal Circulator WiFi

  • High precision Sous Vide thermal circulator with temperature control

  • 4 inch touch screen interface

  • 1.5kW heating element

  • Designed to fit to any round or flat cooking vessel with a minimum depth of 16.5cm by means of a clamp

  • Best performances up to 45 litres

  • Working temperature 5°C to 95°C, accuracy 0.1°C

  • Multiple machines can be managed from the APP

  • Offers exceptional temperature stability

  • Low level water protection device switches off the Sous Vide in case of accidental use without water

  • Circulating pump to eliminate cold and hot spots

  • Temperature sensor to prevent overload and overheating

  • A convenient handle makes it easy to carry

  • HxWxD (mm) 285 x 159 x 121

  • SousVideTools® VS270P Vacuum Sealer

  • Small compact design for ease-of-use and portability

  • Comfortable one-handed operation due to foldable locking handle

  • Wide, easy-to-load and clean vacuum channel

  • Durable double piston pump with up to 20 litres/min and a maximum vacuum of -0.9 bar

  • Practical progress indicator

  • Adjustable vacuum strength for hard and soft food

  • Manual Sealing

  • Electronic temperature monitoring

  • 30cm wide seal bar for sealing bags up to 30cm wide. Double welding

  • One-touch 'Auto Vac & Seal' mode for effortless vacuum sealing

  • Dry and moist food modes to ensure a complete seal with any food type

  • Pulse setting to control vacuum and prevent crushing delicate items

  • Accessory port for marinating and vacuum sealing canisters (Canisters not included)

  • Removable bag cutter accessory for cutting rolls and opening bags

Product Specification
Name iVide® Plus Jnr. Sous Vide Cooker VS270 Bundle (WIFI)
Model SVT-01049
Delivery 24 Hours Delivery
Warranty 2 Years Parts & Labour
Sous Vide Dimensions: No
Dimensions 121 x 159 x 285
Temperature Range N/A
Temperature Accuracy No
Capacity N/A
Timer with Audible Alarm No
WIFI Enabled No
Water/Dust Resistance No
Power Consumption No
Temperature Setting No
Vacuum Packing Machine Chamber Dimensions No
Sealing Bar Size No
Vacuum Packing Machine Sealing Type & Thickness No
Vacuum Packing Machine Vacuum Pump Size & Type No
Vacuum pressure (maximum): No
Vacuum Cycle Time No
Programmable No
Liquid Sensor No
Vacuum by Sensor or Timer No
Maximum Recommmended Vacuum Cycles Per Session: No
Soft Air No
Container Size No
Free Pouches No
Country of Manufacture China
Bundle Skus
  • SVT-01005 - SousVideTools® iVide Plus JNR Thermal Circulator WiFi
  • SVT-03017 - SousVideTools® VS270P Vacuum Sealer
  • SVT-ROLLS20 - 20cm x 6m Vacuum Sealer Rolls (Pack of 2 roll)
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