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10 Years Of Food Trends – How Have Our Tastes Changed?

The world’s taste buds are constantly evolving, whether that’s due to changes in how food is produced, having a better understanding of nutrition, or greater globalisation.

But just how have our food tastes shifted over the last decade? We turned to Google search data to find out, comparing the search interest of some of the most popular types of cuisine, as well as some so-called ‘superfoods’ over the last ten years.

While traditional favourites such as French, British, Italian and Indian cuisine have all maintained a steady level of popularity, dishes from more exotic locations such as Korea and Vietnam have seen the greatest increase since 2009.

In terms of superfoods, it’s little surprise to see the likes of kale and avocado having experienced a large boost in popularity, but the item with the highest increase by far was chia seeds, which have seen an increase of over 800% in searches since 2009!


Google Trends assigns each topic a proportionate score out of 100 based on searches for each month, to allow for fair comparison (otherwise those topics with the highest overall search volume would always score the highest). A full explanation of how Trends data is adjusted can be seen here.

For each topic, we took the overall score for each year from 2009 to 2018 and calculated the percentage change between the two years.

The list of superfoods analysed were all taken from the following sources: