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5 Sous Vide Dishes To Cook Mum This Mother’s Day

Over the course of the year, our mums do a great deal for us, whether it’s looking after the kids, giving you relationship advice, or doing your washing, so it’s about time you did something in return!

And, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better way to show just how much you appreciate the leading lady in your life by cooking up a storm for her?

From the perfect breakfast in bed to sumptuous desserts and everything in between, we’ve found five of the best sous vide dishes to cook your mum this Mother’s Day.

Sous Vide French Toast

To make sure you start off on the right foot this Mother’s Day, treat your special lady to this delicious breakfast (and you can make it even better by serving it to her in bed!).

With some top reviews and hardly any prep time, this recipe produces deliciously soft, pillowy toast with just the right crispiness on the outside and, as it’s made with vanilla extract and cinnamon, it has the perfect sweetness.

Although the topping is left at butter, you can easily make it your own by adding some crispy, American-style bacon or cheese, or turn it into a decadent sweet breakfast by adding maple syrup, sugar, or lemon juice.

It’s really easy to make, too, just requiring an hour in the water bath at 147 degrees Fahrenheit before being finished in a buttered pan.

Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

This warming soup is a great choice for lunch on Mother’s Day, full of hearty ingredients that your mum probably grew up with herself!

It’s filling enough to make sure mum doesn’t get hungry but not too filling that it will detract from the main event in the evening, making it the perfect choice for a midday meal.

This recipe is really easy to make and requires minimal prep before being cooked for two hours in the water bath, meaning you can free up the rest of the cooking time to making memories with your mum. Plus, the sous vide method is perfect for soups as the sealed bag locks in flavour and the slow cooking makes a really smooth texture once blended.

Although the basic ingredients are butternut squash, apples, onions, salt and light cream, you can then alter it in any way you wish, including any other spices and seasonings or other garnishes. 

Sous Vide Leg of Lamb

This recipe comes courtesy of Great British Chefs and is the perfect dish for the main event on Mother’s Day.

The recipe takes a classic roast dinner to the next level by incorporating traditional ingredients of lamb, honey, thyme and sherry with a modernist cooking technique, which produces a superior taste and texture.

Although it will require slightly more effort and will need to be prepped 24 hours in advance, the end result is well worth the effort and will likely blow your mum away!

You can then serve your lamb with your mum’s favourite vegetables and potatoes, lamb sauce, and any other trimmings you want! 

Sous Vide Chilli-Garlic Tofu

For a vegetarian main meal option, treat your mum to something different with this chilli and garlic tofu recipe.

With Chinese infusions, it’s a tasty dish that takes minimal prep and very few ingredients to pull together, with the sous vide method transforming the tofu into something completely new.

The use of a water bath allows the tofu to cook with a springy crust on the outside whilst remaining soft and smooth on the inside, with the sealed bag allowing the tofu to soak up all of the flavours from the punchy sauce.

You can then choose what to serve the tofu with, whether you opt for white or whole wheat rice, noodles, or even pasta for a dish with a difference.

White Chocolate Crème Brûlée

To finish off the perfect Mother’s Day, serve up this decadent dessert with a twist which your mum is sure to love.

It takes a classic dessert and transforms it into something more elegant and luxurious with the sweet white chocolate, whilst the use of sous vide cooking creates a much smoother texture.

Prep time is just 30 minutes with two hours of cooking time, although it will need to be done four to five hours before serving in order to allow it to cool properly before serving.

You can opt to garnish it with raspberries, a fruit coulis, or some white chocolate shavings, and a blow torch will give the sugar on top a lovely browned finish. Plus, if you want to change the flavour slightly, swapping out the white chocolate for some vanilla extract, ginger or cinnamon will produce a lovely dessert.


So, we hope this has provided you with some sous vide inspiration for Mother’s Day! For some more recipes, check out our Tool Shed here at Sous Vide Tools.