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How to Finish Sous Vide Dishes

Cooking sous vide has many advantages, including precision, reliability and consistency: it will always produce an evenly cooked, tender and moist result. However, when meat or fish is cooked sous vide, it lacks the distinctive colour and aroma that it would have if it had been fried or roasted. This is because the Maillard reaction – the chemical reaction behind the delicious flavour of browned food – does not occur in sous-vide cooking. To get the best of both worlds, quickly brown meat and fish in a hot frying pan or with a blowtorch after cooking sous vide.


  1. Carefully slide the cooked meat out of the vacuum bag and pat it all over with kitchen paper to remove any excess moisture.
  2. Once dry, place the meat in a very hot frying pan and brown over a high heat, turning as necessary to ensure all sides colour evenly. If you prefer, you could use a blowtorch to brown the meat.
  3. Rest the meat for a few minutes, then serve.

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