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New mandatory FSA Guidelines Regarding Vacuum Packing Machines

Following the recent release of new guidelines by the Food Standard Agency (FSA) about the correct use of vacuum packing machines, Sous Vide Tools are keen to offer their support to restaurants and kitchens during these changing times. The new guidelines have been raised in an attempt to try and keep the level of E-coli during any cooking process to an absolute minimum, as it is considered to be one of the most dangerous types of bacterium with the ability to live and breed in several of the harshest environments.

According to the FSA, if E-coli is consumed in the smallest of doses, it can cause serious damage to the human body and in the most serious of cases, result in death. It is therefore essential for commercial and professional kitchens to ensure that they have the highest standard of hygiene at all times and one of the most effective ways to ensure this is through controlling the cross contamination of bacteria between raw and ready to eat foods.

As stated at the beginning of the letter, the implementation of these guidelines concerns primarily the use of vacuum packing machines. It is now strongly recommended for all who work in kitchens to have the ability to differentiate between raw and ready to eat foods, know how to avoid cross contamination of these foods and how dangerous it would be should these two food types come into contact. There are two options available for catering businesses to advance with these new guidelines – the first is to be able to continue to use a single machine but there are strict rules and conditions in doing so. The second and more viable option is to have 2 vacuum packing machines – one for raw produce and one for ready to eat foods.

Sous Vide Tools have a wide variety of chamber vacuum packing machines readily available that will suit all catering needs from a gastro pub to a large professional kitchen. We have the best-selling, award winning Polyscience 300 Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine, whose maintenance free design allows it to provide professional level features at a home cook’s price. If you’re looking for something more industrial we can offer you the choice of the VacMaster VP215, which boasts superb engineering that is proven through the performance and is efficient, reliable and comes at a very attractive price making it essential to any culinary operation, or the Foodtek Cucina 400, which flaunts one of the largest chambers within the market of table top chamber vacuum packing machines and thanks to its extraordinary design, has a smaller than expected dimension whilst providing the very best quality and performance every time.

Whatever your Sous Vide needs, here at Sous Vide Tools we are confident that we can help. We speak from experience when we say that the compliance of these guidelines are being strongly monitored, with the FSA being reported to have stripped hygiene ratings of five stars down to two stars. Our team of advisors are only too happy to help and point you in the right direction, whatever your catering needs may be – so please drop us a line on 01524 770060 or send us an email to [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you.