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Our Inspirational Summer Sous Vide Recipe Round Up

Summer is finally here which means dinner parties, barbeques and eating out in the garden, but don’t forget about your trusty sous vide device!

Here, we’re going to round up some of our favourite sous vide summer recipes to try over the next few months.

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is a barbeque favourite and in recent years it’s been proving very popular due to its smoky flavour and simplicity.

It’s simply a large cut of pork which is slowly cooked with various seasonings and flavours until it becomes and juicy and tender enough to be pulled from the bone, hence the name.

Sous vide pulled pork ensures excellently consistent results and also helps to break down the tough tissue of the pork, while locking in all those flavours

Serve in buns or over rice for the perfect summer BBQ meal (minus the barbeque!).

Potato Salad

The classic accompaniment to your summer meal of choice, why not try this recipe and cooking your potatoes sous vide while you prepare the delicious sour cream and barbeque sauce dressing, with a hint of garlic and chilli?

Cooking potatoes sous vide helps to maintain a firm texture, while the contrasting flavours of the dressing make this a side dish that’s almost as enticing as the main!


Summer Pineapple Punch Kebabs

Here’s a great summer dessert that you can make with just your vacuum sealer; no need for any other devices!

Just place the ingredients in a pouch and vacuum seal to infuse the pineapple with the lovely taste of spiced rum and ginger, before building your skewers. If you want to give them a smoky finish, try quickly charring them on the BBQ too.

Summer Strawberry and Basil Flavoured Vodka Cocktail

Did you know that your sous vide device can be used to make drinks as well? It’s super-easy and all you need to do is pour your ingredients into a pouch or Kilner jar and seal to be placed in the sous vide machine.

One of our summer favourites is this vodka cocktail, with a lovely mixture of fresh strawberry and herby basil for a real taste of summer.

(If you want to tone it down a little, you could always add a little lemonade to this cocktail too.)

Summer Corn Salsa

Another great side dish, our summer corn salsa is a great alternative to traditional salsa and guacamole.

The added garlic and jalapeno give this salsa a bit of an extra kick and it works great as an accompaniment to fish, grilled meat or tacos.

All you need to do is vacuum pack and cook your corn sous vide for thirty minutes to an hour, while mixing together the other ingredients such as garlic, jalapenos tomatoes, lime juice, olive oil, avocado and coriander, before briefly searing.


For more summer recipe ideas, head to the Recipes section of our website, where we have hundreds of sous vide recipes to browse.