Pause Of International Deliveries | The Tool Shed

Pause Of International Deliveries

Whilst our international deliveries may currently be paused many of our products are stocked by our resellers in a number of European countries and they would be delighted to assist you. If you would like to email: [email protected] with the items you would like to order and the country for delivery he will be able to advise on the best European Partner to assist you.

Although we are delighted that a trade deal has been agreed, Brexit is going to have a impact on us and our supply chain. The new rules and custom processes aren’t yet clear and we need a little time to work through this to gain clarity on what the new procedures and any cost implications will be.

As many of our products originate outside of the EU the rules of ‘preferential origin’ may mean duty will be incurred on our products and we trying to get a greater understanding of how this will work moving forward.

Regrettably this means we are unable to offer international deliveries currently.