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The Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Gadget-Loving Cook of the House

If you know someone who absolutely loves cooking, then give them a present for Christmas which could transform and revolutionise their kitchen.

Cooking ‘sous-vide’ style results in some incredible flavours, mouthwatering tastes, and superbly consistent textures every single meal.

Those family members who have already heard of the sous vide technique won’t be able to thank you enough for their present. And those aspiring chefs who you introduce to sous vide cooking will be blown away by its potential.

Here are some fantastic gift ideas for the gadget-loving chef in your life, to make this year’s Christmas one to remember!

Sous Vide Tools iVide Wifi Cooker Package

The perfect bundle for the home foodie at a great price. Featuring the iVide Wifi cooker the smartest sous vide tool on the market and the Sous Vide Tools ivide vacuum sealer. You can be up and running in no time.

With connectivity via our iVide app its never been easy to taste the sous vide difference.

Sous Vide Tools iVide Wifi Cooker

Achieve the same precision temperature control, results and consistency every time with the Ivide Wifi cooker. Our first connected sous vide device and the smartest sous vide cooker on the market. Linked via Wifi to our app you will never under or over cook food again. Using our interactive calculator select your chosen ingredient for sous vide cooking and find the perfect time and temperature, simply accept and set via the app and let the iVide wifi cooker do the work.

Sous Vide Tools Gift Card

Sous Vide Tools Gift Card

When you’re not sure exactly what that aspiring chef in your life needs to start cooking sous vide style, then why not get them the perfect compromise?

A Sous Vide Tools gift card, to help them choose the perfect piece of equipment for their next culinary creation.