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Alaska salmon cooked Sous Vide with aubergine, kumquat and Greek yoghurt

Alaska salmon cooked Sous Vide with aubergine, kumquat and Greek yoghurt Fish and Seafood
  • COOK TIME: 1 hour
  • PREP TIME: 1 hour
  • DIFFICULTY: Medium
  • SERVES: 4


Alaska salmon

  • 4 Alaska Salmon fillets, each weighing 150g
  • vegetable oil

Kumquat gel

  • 12 kumquats, halved, seeds removed
  • 60g of water
  • 140g of sugar
  • Ultratex


  • 6 baby aubergines
  • plain flour
  • sunflower oil, for deep frying
  • sea salt
  • 1 sprig of rosemary
  • olive oil

Greek yoghurt

  • 100ml of Greek yoghurt
  • 1 lime, zested, half of the juice squeezed
  • 100ml of kumquat juice, reduced to 50ml

To serve

  • micro cress





  1. Start by preparing the kumquat gel. To do this, place some water in a pan and heat. Once boiling, gently submerge the kumquats into the water for approximately 30 seconds. Drain, then repeat the process two more times. This should hopefully eliminate any pesticides while at the same time removing the bitterness from the fruit
  2. Next, heat the60g of water and combine with the sugar to make a syrup before adding the kumquats. Simmer until the fruit is soft yet still retaining its shape (approximately 20 minutes)
  3. Transfer the kumquats to a blender and blitz with a small amount of the sugar syrup
  4. Finally, weigh the kumquat mixture. Add ultralex (5% of the mixture’s weight) before blitzing once again until smooth. Transfer the gel to a squeezy bottle and set aside
  5. For the aubergines you will need to preheat the steam oven to 100% steam
  6. Take four of the baby aubergines and use the sharp tip of a knife to prick them. This is done to prevent them from shrivelling during cooking. Transfer the aubergines to cooking pouches along with the rosemary and a small splash of olive oil. Vacuum seal
  7. Place the pouches into either the steam oven or the steamer and steam for 12-15 minutes. Once cooked take out the pouch and set aside. When ready to serve, cut the aubergines in half and sprinkle with salt to season
  8. To prepare the two remaining aubergines you will need to preheat either a deep fat fryer or a deep pan of oil until it reaches a temperature of 170°C
  9. Slice the aubergines into thin slices, using a mandolin if possible. Lightly dust each piece with flour then shake off any excess. Submerge in the deep fat fryer or pan of oil and cook until golden. Transfer to kitchen towel and pat dry. Season with salt
  10. To prepare the salmon you will need to fill and preheat the water bath to 54°C
  11. To begin, make sure the salmon fillets have been scaled and pin-boned. Transfer to a cooking pouch and vacuum seal
  12. Submerge into the water bath and sous vide for 9 minutes
  13. Once cooked, take the fillets out of the pouches and place on kitchen towel. Pat dry
  14. Heat vegetable oil in frying pan over a high heat. Cook the salmon fillets skin-side down in the hot oil for up to 60 seconds or until the skin is slightly crispy. Remove from the pan and keep warm until ready to serve
  15. To arrange the dish, take the reduced kumquat juice and combine with the juice and zest of the lime and the yoghurt. Smear a small quantity across each of the plates. Take the salmon fillets and slice into pieces (the fish should still be pink inside). Arrange the pieces on the plates
  16. To finish the dish, arrange both the aubergine crisps and baked aubergine on the plate along with the kumquat gel and micro salad. Serve and enjoy!
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