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Sous Vide Escalope of Veal with Mushroom Spaetzle, Tarragon and Rocket

Sous Vide Escalope of Veal with Mushroom Spaetzle, Tarragon and Rocket Beef
  • COOK TIME: 1 hour


  • 4 x 250g Escalopes Veal
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • White Pepper
  • Juice and Zest of 1 Lemon
  • 1 Small Bunch Tarragon
  • 1 Small Bunch Rocket
  • 1 Cup All-Purpose Flour
  • ¼ Cup Milk
  • 2 Eggs
  • 50g Pre-Soaked and Chopped Porcini Mushrooms
  • ½ Teaspoon Ground Nutmeg
  • 1 Pinch Freshly Ground White Pepper
  • ½ Teaspoon Salt
  • 1 Gallon Hot Water
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter
  • 2 Tablespoons Chopped Fresh Parsley



Vacuum Sealer Bags
Vacuum Sealer
Sous Vide Water Oven
Griddle Plate
Chopping Board
Kitchen Knives
Sauté Pan
Spaetzle Maker


Simple is sometimes the best way and this sous vide recipe is a relatively quick and easy dish to prepare!


  1. Season the escalopes with a little sea salt and pepper then dust with a little lemon zest. Place in vacuum bags and seal
  2. Place the bags in a preheated water oven at 56 degrees for 45 mins
  3. Pick the leaves of the tarragon and rocket and wash in iced water then retain for later use
  4. Mix together flour, salt, chopped mushrooms, white pepper and nutmeg. Beat the eggs and add to the dry ingredients alternately with the milk. Mix until smooth
  5. Press the dough through a spaetzle maker. Alternatively, use a large holed sieve or metal grater
  6. Drop a few of the spaetzles at a time into simmering liquid. Cook for 5 to 8 minutes then drain well
  7. Sauté the cooked spaetzle in butter or margarine. Sprinkle chopped fresh parsley on top, and they are ready to serve
  8. Take the escalopes from the bags, pat dry with kitchen paper and on a very hot griddle plate, char them, adding a little seasoning to taste at the end
  9. To serve place the escalope on top of the sautéed spaetzle and squeeze over a little lemon juice

Chef’s Tip –

For a more robust flavour, the escalopes can be rubbed with a little roasted garlic and oregano.

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