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How to cook Trout Sous Vide

How to cook Trout Sous Vide Fish and Seafood
  • COOK TIME: 45 Minutes
  • PREP TIME: 15 Minutes
  • SERVES: 2


  • 2 trout portions, each weighing 150g
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil


From sea trout to rainbow trout, there are many different varieties of trout to choose from. Whichever one you select, you can produce a beautifully moist result by cooking it sous vide. This method uses a low temperature and a sealed vacuum bag to protect the oily fish from direct contact with intense heat, which can cause it to dry out.


  1. Preheat the water bath to a temperature of 45⁰C.
  2. Scatter the sea salt over the portions of trout. If you prefer skinless fish, remove the skin at this stage.
  3. Lay both trout pieces flat inside a vacuum bag. Add the olive oil and vacuum the bag.
  4. Place the sealed bag in the water bath and leave to cook for 45 minutes.
  5. Carefully slide the trout out of the vacuum bag and pat dry with kitchen paper.
  6. Place a nonstick frying pan over a high heat and add a dash of oil. When the oil is hot, lay the fish skin-side down on the base of the pan and fry until golden and crispy, then serve straight away.


You can flavour the trout by adding herbs, spices and other aromatics to the vacuum bag. Try adding thyme and basil for a fragrant taste or, for some citrus freshness, add a slice of lemon peel.

Another way to enhance the flavour is to marinate the fish before cooking. Use honey for a sweet marinade or miso paste to give the trout a delicious Asian twist.

Serving suggestions

Celebrate the delicious flavours of the British coast with Alan Murchison’s Sea trout with ruby chard and clams or Nathan Outlaw’s Cider-cured sea trout with a crab sauce and sea vegetables. For an easy main with added luxury, try Matthew Tomkinson’s Sea trout with asparagus, peas and caviar.


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