On the Coals Pork Tomahawk I Kasai Grills | Recipe by sousvidetools.com

On the Coals Pork Tomahawk I Kasai Grills

On the Coals Pork Tomahawk I Kasai Grills https://www.youtube.com/embed/-XAuNyUlM6c Charcoal Cooking Recipes
  • COOK TIME: 20 mins
  • PREP TIME: 10 mins
  • SERVES: 1-2


For the Pork

1X 12to16oz pork tomahawk

For the Bean Stew

1 small onion finely diced

1 small glove garlic chopped

120g dice of pancetta

1 tin of butter bean

1 small tin of cannellini beans

1 bottle tomato relish

1dsp smoked paprika

Chopped parsley


Our pork tomahawk and bean stew really shows off the versatility of cooking on the Kasai grill. Cooking everything in the one space allows you to keep a constant eye on the pork and saves you digging out the gas stove if cooking outside. You can distribute the heat of the coals so different parts of the Kasai grill cooks at different temperatures allowing nothing to over cook on the outside and under cook on the inside (as long as you move it around).

For the Tomahawk

Place the tomahawk on to the grill, make sure you turn and caramelise all over and render the fat, this will take a good 10 to 15 minutes cooking and then rest.

For the Beans

Whilst the tomahawk is resting, place a pan over the fire and add the pancetta. Lightly colour then add onion, garlic, and cook for a minute or two.

Add the beans and smoked paprika then finish with the tomato relish and chopped parsley.

Serve – for temperature on blush pork aim for 60/62ºC.



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