Six Spring Sous Vide Recipes to Try at Home

Six Spring Sous Vide Recipes to Try at Home

Spring has finally sprung, and brought with it longer days and fresh flavours. Spring traditionally features much lighter dishes than the indulgence of Christmas and the rest of winter.

The main ingredients here are the spring vegetables such as asparagus, artichokes, peas and courgettes, and as such spring is hopefully a bit of a healthier season as we all try to cling onto those New Year’s resolutions.

Here’s six of our favourite spring sous vide recipes for you to try at home:

New Season Pulled Spring Lamb with Masala Spice

The meat most commonly associated with spring is lamb, and while you’re probably used to having it roasted with some mint sauce on Easter Sunday, we’ve gone with a bit of a twist here.

BBQ pulled pork is all the rage at the moment, but how about swapping the pork for lamb and adding a spicy kick?

Best of all, this is a really straightforward recipe that requires minimum input. Simply blend up the masala paste, rub it into your joint of lamb and cook sous vide overnight, before finishing it off on the barbecue for that smoky crust.

Sous Vide Pork Loin with a Mustard and Cumin Crust, Grilled Asparagus and Lemon

One of the most popular spring vegetables, asparagus is difficult to get right. When boiled in a pan, it requires a constant eye on it to make sure you don’t overcook it, with little margin for error.

Sous vide removes all of this hassle as it prevents the cells from breaking down too quickly and essentially makes overcooking impossible, and of course retains all the great flavours!

Sous vide asparagus goes particularly well with this classic pork loin with mustard and cumin crust.

Sous Vide Leg of New Season Spring Lamb with Barbecue Spring Onions

As the name suggests, spring onions are another spring favourite, but why not give them a little bit of a kick by cooking them sous vide with a barbecue sauce?

This recipe also makes use of new season spring lamb, and would also complement some garlic which is also in season at the moment and really brings out the flavours in this dish.

Why not go out and pick your own wild garlic? Just be sure to wash it thoroughly before use.

This is another fairly easy dish to prepare as the spring onions can be prepared a couple of days in advance, and chilled in an ice bath, before being finished off with the lamb.

Sous Vide Rabbit Leg with Muscat Wine, Grilled Young Vegetables and Soft Herbs

Rabbit may be one of the less popular spring meats as it can be very difficult to get right with traditional methods, but that’s where sous vide comes in!

Overcooked rabbit can be very dry and tough to eat, but sous vide slowly breaks down the fibres, producing a juicy and tender outcome.

Why not try this light and fragrant recipe with a wine sauce and some spring veg and herbs?

You can even spice things up if you fancy with a tandoori marinade which you could put in the vacuum pack with the rabbit legs.

Rhubarb Cooked Sous Vide with Orange and Cranberry

Did you know you can also cook sous vide desserts? So why not try out a quintessentially spring ingredient, rhubarb?

Sous vide ensures that the rhubarb will maintain its flavour as well as its shape.

We’ve gone with an orange and cranberry twist on this classic ingredient which can then be used to make a tasty crumble, pie or turnover?

Sous Vide Carrots with Ginger, Lemongrass and Toasted Carraway

Carrots are another spring veg which can easily lose a lot of their nutrients when they are boiled or steamed normally.

Sous vide retains all these nutrients and flavours and you can add your own ingredients to play with the flavour such as cardamom, star anise, bay, thyme, tarragon or whatever you want really!

For this recipe we’ve used ginger, lemongrass and carraway seeds, creating flavours you didn’t know were possible in carrots!

So there you have just some of our favourite spring recipes using the sous vide method, but why not check out our full range of sous vide recipes for something different to try at home this spring?