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The Best Sous Vide Vacuum Sealers [2017 Edition]

If you’re serious about sous vide, it’s not just a water bath or thermal circulator that you’ll need.

After all, ‘sous vide’ literally translates as ‘under vacuum’, so you’ll also need to be able to vacuum pack your ingredients using a vacuum sealer.

Here’s taken a look at our favourite vacuum sealers for professional and domestic users, and what makes them so great.

The Pro Range

Vac-Star® easyPRO Vacuum Sealer – £479.99

Developed specifically for sous vide cooking, the most notable feature of the Vac-Star easyPro is its truly impressive 96% (-0.96mBar) vacuum suction, making it possible to separate large quantities of food to be prepared sous vide or frozen for later.

The sealer features a robust and hygienic AISI 304 stainless steel construction for durability, with a 20 litre per minute vacuum pump to draw the air out of the vacuum pouches, before the heat seal beam of 360mm safely secures the bag with an extra-wide 3mm industrial seam for a reliable and long-lasting vacuum, even if the bag is damp inside.

The easyPro also features an easy to use digital control system (simply close the lid and press the button), a vacuum sensor which allows either automatic or manual pump and seal operation, and a timer control so you can adjust the intensity of the seal burn.

There’s also a sophisticated pulse vacuum function, with generates a vacuum for as long the pulse button is pressed, enabling a precise and controlled partial vacuum for pressure sensitive products, and allows for external marinating too.

A vacuum cycle can be completed to 0.50 bar within 20 to 30 seconds, and the unit is extremely easy to clean and look after, with a removable sealing bar and drip tray and smooth outside lines which can be wiped down easily.

The Vac-Star is ideal for use in a busy professional kitchen and will ensure safe and reliable results for many years to come.

The Domestic Range

SousVideTools® Vacuum Sealer – £65.99

If you’re just starting out with sous vide cooking at home and don’t want to break the bank for a vacuum sealer, look no further than our own SousVideTools Vacuum Sealer.

The model is a convenient and efficient sealer, which is easy to use, provides powerful suction, and is also great value.

Another important feature of this sealer is that it’s relatively compact and sleek, meaning that it won’t take up too much countertop space, and can easily be stored away when it’s not in use.

There are four different functions available, including the ‘vacuum and seal’, which removes the air from a vacuum pouch ready for sous vide cooking, and the ‘quick seal’, which seals the bag, but without removing the air, which is useful for cooking with marinades and liquids.

There’s also a ‘Moist/Dry’ setting, specifically designed to reinforce the seal when cooking juicy foods.

Easy to use and easy to maintain, the SousVideTools® Vacuum Sealer is the perfect choice if you’re new to sous vide cooking and want to give it a go in your own home.