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Things are hotting up in the Great British Bake Off Kitchen!

Well it is hotting up in the Great British Bake Off Kitchen!  We’ve seen the contestants been beaten by bread, break like a biscuit and this last week it was the collapse of Alaska – not the country you understand, but the baked form!  In one of the biggest surprises so far and a first for GBBO, one of the contestants had a right royal flounce when his ice-cream was perfectly whipped….out of the freezer by another contestant, much to his demise.

It all started so normally, as the nine remaining contestants got to grips with a self-saucing pudding – Kate pretended she was rubbish and Mary Berry’s pink lipstick stayed intact, even when eating one of her perfectly made tiramisu. So far, so good.

But then… disaster. Everyone was struggling equally with the show stopper made up of cake, meringue and ice cream – trying to cool down a Baked Alaska on what the judges admitted was the hottest day of the year.

GBBO2Iain had put his ice-cream into a freezer to set, but it wasn’t his freezer, so it was removed. When he saw his Alaska become the Amazon, flowing straight onto the table, he presented it… straight into the bin!

Sue Perkins, one of the presenters, looked just slightly gobsmacked as judging then resumed. No surprises that Iain’s ‘moment of madness’ saw him leave. The star baker title was crowned to Richard for the second time, whose precision is proving to be tough to beat.  So, that was that, and probably the most heated we’ve ever seen the kitchen this side of Gordon Ramsey. Next Wednesday welcomes pies and tarts, but who will get a slice of the action?

There is still everything to bake for… on your marks… get set… bake!