Converted shipping container becomes training kitchen

Introducing The Tool Shed Our Bespoke Training And Development Kitchen

We have been up and running in our training and development kitchen for six months now and in that time we have welcomed over 200 chefs into our kitchen to learn about the sous vide technique. 

Headed up by our Chef Director Chris Holland we have been delighted with the response to The Tool Shed so far and wanted to share with you a little video on how it came together.

Using two disused shipping containers that had traveled 750,000 miles (the equivalent of around the world 30 times) our kitchen took shape in just 8 weeks. We of course couldn’t have done it without the help of several local businesses and special thanks goes out to Maelstrom Lancaster who helped get us over the final hurdle to make the kitchen what it is today.

We captured the whole event on video so you can see how we turned a converted shipping container into to the kitchen we run our training sessions in today.

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