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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Founded in 2011 we’re a food and technology company with the aim of empowering people to produce the highest quality food and beverages in their own homes and restaurants. We are on a mission to help both home and professional chefs cook smarter by offering the widest choice of sous vide equipment, making us the one stop shop for all your needs. Further more we are the leading authority on our chosen subject, having produced 2 cook books, a sous vide calculator, an APP and a training guide in conjunction with the Campden BRI, the UK’s leading provider of practical scientific, technical and advisory services. Want to know who you are working with? Then please meet our team. Every member of our tight-knit team is passionate about food and cooking, which gives us a special insight into helping our customers and partners. Take a look below to put a face to the name.

John Stewart
Distribution Manager

John is the man who ensures our warehouse is working like a dream, ensuring containers arrive in when required, and customer goods are dispatched the same day. John’s an adrenaline junky. We love hearing his stories of thrilling activities like rally car racing or performing experiments in the kitchen. He’s a dog person and a huge fan of Jackawawa’s.

Matty Braithwaite
Sales and Client Executive

You can usually find Matty with his headphones on, listening to some weird stuff or, to his all-time favourites, the Beastie Boys. Matty is part of our internal sales team. He is a bit of a computer systems geek.

Suzanne Atkinson
Sales & Client Executive

She has a fairy wand; she’s not afraid to use it. Suzanne is the longest reining member of our sales team, bringing order to chaos, morphing communication messes into masterpieces. You might notice that she gets excited.

Chris Holland
Chef Director

Chris has over 27 years of working with professional kitchens. He appeared on BBC’s Great British Menu in 2013. He takes a practical and analytical approach to cooking. His dishes are artistic, elegant, and extremely detailed—a reflection of his creative and passionate spirit

Dom Hawkins
Chief Engineer

Dom Hawkins is a mad scientist genius who loves arguing the laws of physics. He prides himself on his generosity and willingness to do anything you ask... except the dishes. He also spends time as head of our service department from time to time.

Sean Lindeque
Sales Manager

Sean was born in South Africa, but grew up in Morecambe, England. Sean is head of Internal Sales, working closely with our International customers. His attitude to work and spending free time can be pretty well summed up with his favourite motto: “Real life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Alex Shannon
Managing Director

He keeps the pulse of the business – keeping everyone in line and business booming. He’s done it all over 38 years – from washing pots in the kitchen, as a sales rep on the road to the now sweeping the warehouse floors. He is always happy and smiling.

Antony Ward
Brand Manager

The creative force behind our marketing department. Nothing gets him more excited than solving client marketing challenges with long-term, strategic solutions. A born Geordie, Antony is a keen supporter of Newcastle, that’s the Rugby team (a proper sport) not football and also coaches his son’s local junior team, for his sins!

Josh Adams
Development Chef

Josh started out from school as a comedian. He tried open-mic stand-up comedy once. It didn’t go so well, so he trained as a chef. Josh is now one of our development chefs training customers in the world of sous vide cooking.

Leanne Warton
Finance Manager

Well versed in the art of accounting, Leanne makes sure that every invoice, declaration or any other important piece of paper is double-checked and archived. When not mastering her paper-fu, Leanne likes to conquer muddy fields.

Dion Cabral
Warehouse Operative

He has a heart of gold and never refuses when asked for help, even if he has her hands full. In his free time he reads many books, is an avid Liverpool fan and loves spending the day at the cricket. When in work Dion is part of the warehouse team.

Mark Carr
Camera Man

After spending most of his years as a lawyer, Mark discovered his real passion was food so turned to a career in photography & sales, eventually finding his way to SousVideTools. Catch a glimpse of him through our windows, battling his desire to eat lunch early as he stares at beautiful footage of beautiful food when not out visiting our trade customers.

Vickie Shannon
Operations Director

Vickie is the co-founder of the business. Vickie has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and public relations. She’s fulfilling her childhood ambition of being around delicious food all day long. Vickie likes to take the edge off by reading and buying unreasonable numbers of shoes.


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