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Molecular Chef Tools

The Anti-Griddle™ by PolyScience® is a traditional cook top with an amazing twist: the device quickly freezes sauces and purees instead of heating them! This unique innovation opens a new dimension in freezing sauces and purees, crèmes and foams. Develop solid or semi-frozen creations with stable, crunchy surfaces and cool, creamy centres. The tantalizing dual-textures create a surprising and unique experience in restaurants. On buffets and at catering events, the Anti-Griddle™ by PolyScience® always attracts diners when preparing a frozen appetizer or dessert right in front of their eyes. Let your culinary imagination run wild. The Sonicprep™ by PolyScience® offers a wide range of techniques, such as extraction, infusion, homogenization, emulsification, suspension, degassing and rapid barrel-aging. Since it applies insignificant amount of heat and can finish the process in less than 2–3 minutes, it maintains vivid flavour and aroma, causes no loss of nutrition, maintains bright colours of ingredients and creates a rounder and smoother flavour. We also stock Culinary Centrifuges. High-end restaurants have begun adding a new piece of equipment to the kitchen that until recently was found mainly in medical laboratories and university chemistry departments. The bigger versions look a bit like washing machines, but the spin cycle in these ultra centrifuges is a lot more powerful than that of any professional washing machine. They whirl vials around tens of thousands of times a minute, generating centrifugal forces up to 30,000 times as strong as Earth’s gravity.

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