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5 Benefits of Vacuum Packing Food

In the current climate its never been more important to reduce food waste and extend shelf life.

Many of our professional customers will be in a position where they have a inventory of food that has no where to go.

Our Home Chefs will want ingredients to work as hard as possible, with Supermarket shelves at a all time low we won’t want to throw anything away because its past its best.

Please, don’t let it go to waste, with our handy hints below we can hopefully make our food last that bit longer and in some instances right through to the other side of the current pandemic without having to compromise on flavour or quality.

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Extend Shelf Life

Vacuum packaging your ingredients helps to extend their shelf lives, meaning that you can use, sell and serve them for a much longer period of time.

Vacuum sealing ingredients can extend their shelf life by around three to five times, although the exact shelf life will obviously vary depending on where it is being stored and the ingredient itself.

Food frozen within its sell by date can often be kept in the freezer for up to 12 months, with no loss to quality or flavour and no chance of freezer burn.

You can also reduce wastage by vacuum sealing leftovers that would otherwise be thrown out, which can then be used in preparation for a future meal.

To maximise shelf life, be sure to thoroughly clean ingredients before storing and make sure  the labelled correctly  after sealing to keep track of when it needs to be used by.


Keeping your ingredients in vacuum sealed pouches also helps to prevent any cross-contamination, dehydration or mould.

Mould and bacteria require oxygen to grow, so removing this from the pouch means that they cannot grow.

You’ll also see that food is kept fresher, with less discolouration or changes in texture or odour.

It also prevents ‘freezer burn’ from occurring, which occurs when water ends up getting into your food and prevents moisture from evaporating into the air.


Because it is a lot smaller in size, vacuum-packed food can easily be stacked and stored together with similar ingredients to optimise storage.

It also means that you can buy much larger quantities of seasonal products, knowing that they can be safely stored for a long period of time, or batch cooked ready to be reheated and served later.

Doing this doesn’t save you a lot of precious time in the kitchen, but it will also mean less money spent on ingredients as you’ll be able to get more bulk discounts from your suppliers.

Vacuum sealing is also a much easier way to store liquids. Just freeze them first for a couple of hours before sealing, or you can also vacuum seal jars too.


Most importantly for your customers, vacuum sealing can also help to improve the taste and overall quality of your dishes.

Vacuum pouches provide a barrier that prevents any of the flavour and juices from leaving the bag, meaning they are locked in (this is amplified even more if you cook the ingredient sous-vide).

You can also choose to add various spices and seasoning to the bag too, which will be locked in and infused with the other ingredients.

Sous Vide

Of course, for us at Sous Vide Tools, the most important benefit of vacuum packaging is that it allows you to cook using sous-vide.

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